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Types of numerology

Types of Numerology

According to Vedic numerology, each of us has three relevant numbers namely the psychic number, the destiny number and the name number. However, the modern numerology includes four types of numbers - the lifepath number, the soul number, the karmic or the personality number and the expression number.

Numerology by Anka Shastra

Anka Shastra is an ancient Hindu scripture that provides an in-depth knowledge of numbers and their influence on our lives. The Vedic numerology predicts your life-changing events through three numbers. They are as follows:

The Destiny Number

Your destiny number represents the expression you receive from the universe outside you. It tells about the perception of others about you. Add the date, month and year of your birth to get a single digit destiny number. While each of the nine destiny numbers has certain characteristics associated with them, an accurate forecast can only be made when including the vibration of other numbers.

The Psychic Number

This defines the basic characteristics of an individual. It lets you explore the universe within you. Your psychic number can explain your personality, the future possibilities and helps you shape a better future when you include it in your life. To find your psychic number, convert your date of birth into a single whole number. For example, if you are born on the 19th of any month, your psychic number is 1+9=10=>1+0=1.

The Name Number

The Name Number is also called the relationship number, The Name Number is the total sum of the letters in your name. When you change your name, the numbers also change. Only a specialized numerologist can suggest what should be your lucky name number. To calculate your name number, you need to refer the number to letter chart.. For best suggestion you need to talk to astrologer.

Numbers by Modern Numerology

Modern Numerology divides the numbers into four parts each signifies our connection with the universe from a different level.

Lifepath Number

This number predicts your journey as an individual. It tells about 'You' as the center of the cosmos. Who you are, what you hope to achieve in life, what is your strength and weakness, etc. As a very important numerology number, it can uncover your hidden talents. It helps you get stronger for challenges and humble for achievements.

Soul Urge Number

You may achieve success but if you still feel empty then you need to identify your soul urge number. This number signifies your spiritual connection and explains what your heart desires. Soul Urge number is like a mirror to our inner self that can reveal your secret desires and lets you discover the path of enlightenment in life.

Expression Number

Wonder how talented you are or how much potential do you have? Know your inner strength with your expression number. It discovers your abilities, desires and goals in life. However, when you want to make sure that your destiny number works at full potential, then you should seek the guidance of an expert numerologist.

Karmic Number

Karmic Number reveals about your hopes, desires, fears & expectations. Your Karmic number in combination with other numbers holds the key to your destiny. Karmic Number explains your inner strengths and how your karma can transform your life. This is again important to know and discover in life about Karmic Number.

Positive and Negative Numbers

Whether a numerologist takes the Vedic path or the modern numerology system, all the systems have positive and negative features associated with each number. Just like the Vedic astrological signs and gemstones, each number posses positive and negative traits to balance them as a whole self. No reading is true and in-depth if it doesn't include the impact of negative numbers in your chart When you select our online numerology prediction service, from the famous astrologer in India, we make sure that you get the precise reading that covers all the good and bad parts of life. Remember that we can only help improve your life and the numbers can significantly dilute any harmful effect. Moreover, these numbers are greatly influenced by various factors such as your outlook towards the issue and how the other numbers in your chart correlate.


There are three master numbers in numerology - 11, 22 and 33. Predicting a master number properly is very important as they have very deep and powerful meanings. The interpretation could be good or bad, and the numbers mostly used for right guidance in life. Typically, only single digit numbers from 1 to 9 are used for numerology predictions. However, when the sum total of numbers equates to any of the three master numbers, it doesn't reduce further. Master number 11 - It is related to instinct, faith, anxiety and fear. Master number 22 - It is the 'Master Builder' and indicates fiery ambitions and tremendous success. However, it requires very careful reading that only an expert can do. Master number 33 - Relates to life path, personality or expression

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