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Sports Consultancy

Characteristics Of A Successful Sportsperson

Sports has gained a lot of popularity in recent time. Today, it is a great career option for young kids. Sportspersons enjoy a lot of limelight and money. Choosing sports as a career is also good for health. However, not everyone can become a successful sportsperson. It needs strong willpower, stamina, patience and definitely the favour of the stars to be the next Sachin or Viraat. The following characteristics distinguish a successful sportsman from others:

1. Physical Strength- Whether you are a sportsman or sportswoman physical strength is very important. Sports need higher levels of energy. You have to be physically strong to excel in sports as a career.

2. Confidence- Confidence plays a crucial role in a successful career. It helps to keep you motivated.

3. Temperament- Your temperament is your ability to stay calm under stress. A person with a sound temperament can handle any problem.

4. Perseverance-A genuine sportsman never gives up. He always works hard to achieve success.

5. Overcome Injuries-Sports are physically daunting and injuries are very common. Injuries can make or break the career of a person. Fast recovery is very important for a successful career in sports.

6. Analytical Abilities- It is important to make the right decision.

7. Success Over Enemies- It shows the competitiveness of the person.

8. Planetary Positions- Strong planets into your birth chart also help you succeed in your sporting career. An expert sports astrologer gives you an exact solution for a career in sports.

Problems Associated In Sporting Career

These days, sports is a highly glamorous and lucrative career. This attention leads to celebrity status and distraction. A sportsman has many problems in his life. He needs to keep himself fit. Mental health is also important. Fast recovery from the injury helps heal the body. There are many cases where sportsmen have bad relationships in their life. They find it difficult to have a happy relationship with team members and coaches. This problem also affects their personal life. There are many who have problems due to uncontrolled anger. Though thoughtful aggression is a must for a successful sporting career, many sportsmen find it difficult to control their aggression.

Sports and Astrology

As per Vedic astrology, the planets and houses in your horoscope determine successful career in sports. The 3rd house is for the physical strength needed for the physical activities in sports. This house with its lord makes the native highly competitive that makes them fight till the end. It also indicates the hands and brain coordination. The 6th house is for the victory and success in your career in sports. A strong 6th house means the native is protected from diseases and injuries. The position of your planets and 6th house indicates how easily the native can defeat the enemies. A strong 10th house is for a higher level of motivation towards sports as a career.

The Important Planets For Sports-The position of planets in horoscope tells about your career in sports. Some of the important planets that sport consulting astrologers consider are:

  • Sun- A strong sun in the birth chart gives the native strong body and physical strength.
  • Mars- It is a planet of war and bravery. Strong Mars in the birth chart makes the native passionate for the game.
  • Moon- A strong moon means the native is strong and will recover fast from any injury. Moon also controls the hormones in the body. For a successful career in sports, the hormones play an important role.
  • Mercury- Sports like chess are mind games. Strong mercury means enhanced logical and analytical abilities.
  • Rahu- It is a planet of glamour and fame. This makes a sportsman famous and makes him earn money.
  • Saturn- It helps in developing perseverance that is important to succeed in sports. Solutions We Offer For Sports Consultancy
  • Our sports astrologer analyzes the complete horoscope of the native and guides him for a career in sports. We examine the planetary position in the birth chart. For success in sports there are some very auspicious yog:

  • Gajakesari Yog- In this yog, the Jupiter influences Moon and makes it strong. This prevents injuries and fame to the native.
  • Veepret Rajyog- This indicates that the native will be good in individual games like tennis, badminton, swimming etc. The native is able to fast use the mistakes made by the competitors.

  • There are many combinations of planets that influence your life and career. Acharya Mukesh Sharma Ji considers all the points and guides you. He also suggests puja and mantra chants to help clear any roadblocks. He also provides remedies in the form of a gemstone. You can contact us for any problem and seek remedies to put your sports career back on track.

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